About Heartstring Ministries

Claudine first began writing short inspirational stories for family and friends. Her goal was simple -- connect biblical truth with the everyday off-the-wall things that kept happening to her.

To her surprise, they loved them, asked for more, and wanted to share them with others. At their urging, she eventually began to write about the tough things in her life -- her experience with depression and her challenges as a scatter-brained mom.

In 2005 she founded Heartstring Ministries with a focus on teaching others how to have intimacy with God.

What is a Heartstring?
Webster's dictionary defines it as:
"Your deepest emotion or affection"

At Heartstring Ministries we believe that "your deepest emotion or affection" should be for your Father God. We are committed to teaching you how to find that intimacy through the spiritual tools of Prayer, Praise and the Promises of GOD'S Word. Everything we do supports that goal. We are committed to serving you and helping you live a life full of hope.

These days, due to the challenges of social media Claudine no longer uses the Heartstring Ministries banner -- it is just easier for people to locate her via her actual name. However, the focus of the ministry is still there in everything she does. Her passion is to help you discover an intimate, personal relationship with God.

"... I will always have hope, I will praise you more and more."  Psalm 71:14

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